Exercise is important, but it does not lead to weight loss, my friends. We need to take exercise out of the weight loss equation. I think of exercise like meditation. It’s really really good for you, but you don’t meditate to lose weight! We shouldn’t exercise to lose weight either.

In this week’s Vlog, I detail exactly how much exercise I do and how much exercise we all should do to maximize our health & increase our metabolism. This is a fun one!

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Summer Peterson

Summer Peterson is the author of the book, “The SEXY Diet”,
host of the TV show, “Wine Country Weight Loss with Summer
Peterson” and founder of BodySoulShine, which offers online
weight loss programs. With a master’s degree in psychology,
she is a weight loss expert specializing in how to speed up your
metabolism and turn on your skinny genes.

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The SEXY Diet book by Summer Peterson
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