Do You Want the Salad or the Fries?

When I lived in a heavier body, I used to wonder to myself, “when am I going to become the person who orders the healthy thing on the menu, rather than the thing that is...

Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat?

Artificial Sweeteners are everywhere, from diet soda, to Slenda in your coffee, Nutrasweet in your tea, and sucralose in your protein powder. What’s the big deal about...

Exercise Smarter: Exercise LESS!

Exercise is important, but it does not lead to weight loss, my friends. We need to take exercise out of the weight loss equation. I think of exercise like meditation...

Fastest Way to Lose Weight and Pain!

I’m ready to share with you about how ditching sugar has completely changed my life. You probably didn’t know that I used to live with tremendous, chronic pain. When I...

How Tracy Lost 75 Pounds!

 I am so excited to share this interview I did with the incredible Tracy, who has lost 75 pounds since we’ve been working together. She is an inspiration and I know you...

Stress makes you fat. How to be thin instead.

When terrible things happen in the world around us, our natural response is stress. Unfortunately, stress causes weight gain. In today’s Vlog, learn how to stay thin and...

Top 10 Foods that Turn On Your Skinny Genes

Do you suspect you have a slow metabolism? You might be surprised to find out that EVERYBODY has the gene for both a fast metabolism as well as the gene for a slow...

3 Easy Steps to a Thinner Version of Yourself

Welcome to the BodySoulShine Vlog, where I go deep into everything you need to know about weight loss, weight maintenance & increasing your beauty through health. My...

Summer Peterson

Summer Peterson is the author of the book, “The SEXY Diet”,
host of the TV show, “Wine Country Weight Loss with Summer
Peterson” and founder of BodySoulShine, which offers online
weight loss programs. With a master’s degree in psychology,
she is a weight loss expert specializing in how to speed up your
metabolism and turn on your skinny genes.

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